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Wind Energy Development Programmatic EIS
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Limited Wind Energy Development Alternative

Under this alternative, the amount of wind energy development would be greatly restricted in comparison to both the proposed action and the no action alternative. Therefore, in terms of facilitating wind energy development, this alternative would be the least effective of the three alternatives considered.

In terms of mitigating potential environmental impacts, the required project-specific reviews, including NEPA analyses, would likely result in effective mitigation so that local impacts would be reduced to the greatest extent possible. Potential regional impacts, including beneficial economic impacts, would be lower under this alternative because of the limited level of development on BLM-administered lands.

For More Information

More information on potential impacts associated with the limited wind energy development alternative is available in the PEIS Section 6.3 Impacts of the Limited Wind Energy Development Alternative in Chapter 6 (PDF, 132 KB).

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