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Wind Energy Development Programmatic EIS
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Alternatives Included in the Programmatic EIS

This Programmatic EIS evaluates three alternatives: BLM's proposed action to implement a Wind Energy Development Program, and two alternatives which present different management options for wind energy. The alternatives are defined as follows:

  • Proposed action: implement a Wind Energy Development Program. Under this alternative, the BLM proposes to implement a comprehensive program to address issues associated with wind energy development. The program would establish policies and BMPs to address the administration of wind energy development activities and identify minimum requirements for mitigation measures. In addition, under this alternative, 52 BLM land use plans would be amended to address wind energy development.
  • No action alternative. Under this alternative, the BLM would continue administering wind energy development ROW authorizations in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Interim Wind Energy Development Policy (IM 2003-020).
  • Limited wind energy development alternative. Under this alternative, additional wind energy development on BLM-administered land would occur only in areas where it currently exists or is under review or approved for development at the time the ROD for this Programmatic EIS is published.

A more complete description of the the proposed action and its alternatives is available in the Programmatic EIS Chapter 2 Proposed Action and Alternatives (PDF, 797 KB).

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